Apr 13, 2022 • 1HR 6M

Dark MAGA Music to Drive To #2

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fraud world enterprises
My CIA handler told me to do a radio show to keep the gangstalkers away.
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Ohhh yeah buddy, this is radio F R A U D91fm coming at you from the Appalachians, we have an hour long rock block of music to put on while you get your posts out.

Yeah, Thin Lizzy is on here twice to keep you motivated to put some nerds into submission. You’re gonna love it.

Edit: - I put this shit on Spotify for you real nerds that don’t have the RSS sent straight to your podcast app.

Oh, yeah - you guys like hauntology, right?
Well, you’re gonna love our new image resource website hosted on Tumblr dot com.

I think we started this as another anti-web3.0 joke - a return to tradition moment, maybe - but it’s already proven useful for being able to post jokes that don’t get deleted immediately. I will probably get bored of this joke in a week like I did with Myspace.

There is nothing else worth writing about - i’m just gonna sit my white ass down AND LISTEN to these weirdo crisis actors while I listen to Dragula over and over again.