Radio Fraud
The Peacekeeper

The Peacekeeper

It’s hard to believe we survived another year of death variants, domestic terrorism, and community guidelines violations.

They’re all pretty much the same thing, if you ask me.

Seeing as the main AcFra page has been throttled to the point of being unusable, I decided to give all those terrible, terrible posts a place to live forever. We’ve pretty much resigned ourselves to the thought that we can’t really make the jokes we want anymore, but for the time being… well, we still want to make stupid posts for our stupid little friends.

Remember that pro-polyamory infographic woman that posted uhhhh something about a woman with a peg leg or a hook arm or something? And her weirdo horny nerd following tried to lay siege to our comment section and they were instantly eviscerated? I didn’t until looking through this folder, I tell ya what.

Edit: it was a hook leg.

This link right here - this is the complete archive of shitposting from the past… however long this account has existed. A year? Probably.

Obviously, being deleted over-and-over is par for the course if you’re a very dangerous meme account. I would never weep for the loss of a fucking Instagram account. The harmful extremist content will live on in this Google drive folder.

All the key jokes are here: RBG dying, Hunter Biden getting pussy, Mark Fisher on everything. A real treat for 2021 heads like myself.

Wanna hypnotize yourself by consuming all this media at once? Good. Already thought of that, too.

After having it taken down THREE TIMES in the past few hours, it looks like I found the thing that needed to be cut lmao.

Mirror (while it lasts lmao)


Radio Fraud
My CIA handler told me to do a radio show to keep the gangstalkers away.