Mar 25, 2022 • 19M

Dark MAGA Soundsystem #1 (Twitter Edition)

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fraud world enterprises
My CIA handler told me to do a radio show to keep the gangstalkers away.
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Yes hello, I must be brief because I want to go to the gym but - OKAY - so, bear with me on this one.

We made a few DARK MAGA mixtapes - each of them are very VERY different, as the Dark MAGA energy cannot be condensed into one singular voice. Today’s is all Twitter focused - pretty much what i’d expect to see with a very good video montage of, I don’t know - the guy from Drive or something.

(Didn’t realize the YT upload got taken down. It must have been the Sarah Silverman as Hitler thing. Oops.)

I don’t have anything good to write. I’ve made myself braindead in the greenhouse, memorizing latin names for plants.

Oh, yeah - we have a new book out this week, too.